Organisations With Which I Have Worked

University of Edinburgh

Curriculum planning for Scottish National Qualification in Data Science and Data Literacy.
Organising and aligning standards to be most appropriate for age and stage of learners.
Collaborative work with university staff and other organisations.
Researched and collated appropriate datasets and videos to support teachers in the delivery of the new programme.


Course creation and course planning for an online platform.
Editing and analysing courses to ensure they align with national standards.
Policy creation to set standards for new official courses, aligned to national standards.


Support for students using mathematics in context: statistics, data handling, algebra. 
Study support planning for coursework and exam preparation. 
Study support, identifying misconceptions in applying maths to research and other assignments.

A Pass

Writing learning experiences for students to practice. 
Designing content for use with an online platform. 
Aligning practice questions with applicable standards.

SAM Labs

Developed plans to more easily integrate educational technology into everyday learning experiences.
Introduced coding activities for learners and educators to explore what can be automated and how to automate.
Made abstract learning more tangible through educational technology, which shows what it is doing as it is working.
Explored how technology can support and enhance classroom experiences.

Connected Educator Appreciation Day

Part of the organising team that formulated the idea behind the importance of connecting educators.
Designed the idea behind workshop sessions and encouraged hosts to give the topic their stamp.
Outreach to educators to be social media support and panellists.
Web Design.


Led change in the presentation, organisation and alignment of Sumdog’s mathematics questions for 13 standards; develop a further 6 standards.
Designed greater than 1500 practice question types for maths, quality check the current questions with the product. 
Designed greater than 2000 sequenced spelling words for above standards.
Increased the number of questions types with which learners can engage by nearly 100%.
Designed, supported development of, and managed teacher review of the Sumdog Spelling package for 13 global standards, with three accents.
Managed review teachers and evaluate quality of work.
Organised education visits to test development work in schools.

City of Edinburgh Council

Developed training course to encourage trans-professional collaboration
Diagnosed learners with deficits in mathematics learning and provide intervention
Created a cooperative classroom, ‘with’ learners rather than ‘for’ learners
Designed and lead CPD opportunities for new teachers providing a new perspective on reporting
Moderated mathematics developments for new and experienced teachers, encouraging a deeper look at planning and evaluation
Championed online learning for pupils in school