Organisational Curriculum Design

For educational organisations, we have the expertise to support curriculum design for your establishment or your product and can organise it for a global market: aligning the content to your region(s); sequencing the learning; weighting it, in terms of time allotted, value and number of questions; and creating distractors for the learning experiences.


Fill the Gap Learning has the expertise to create, or support development of, learning plans for your educational organisation. We will create a plan to progress learning that is inline with the standards you use.


Michael wrote the current sequence of skills for maths and spelling for Sumdog. He created the currently aligned sequence for 19 global standards for mathematics and the same for 12 global standards for spelling. Because of this undertaking, Michael is very much aware of what standards translate to in layman’s terms:  he can translate outcomes and standards into plain English, suitable for any learner.

In addition to this, he has developed age-specific learning materials for SAM Labs, APass and their many publishing affiliates, 11+ World, and others.


Michael has designed the experiences required to practise mathematics’ concepts, depending on the specific standards. He has organisied approximately 3000 question types across nine year groups for mathematics and wrote the plan for more than 2000 spelling words and sentences, across six year groups.


Each phase of the work Michael carries out requires collaboration with teachers and other staff in the respective regions. He built and managed a team of more than 40 reviewers, located in 8 countries (North America, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand), and managed their contracts, schedules and payment.

For review work, open communication was key, as was being open to change through constructive criticism, so long as it benefited the final product.

Collaboration is a major part of any curriculum development and plays an immense role in anything Michael leads, which brings schools and organisations together. He is a co-founder of Connected Educator Appreciation Day, whose goal is to build bridges between teachers in different locations and maintain and strengthen relationships that are started.