Curriculum Design

Organisations, be it schools or companies, need to know that what they deliver for staff and learners is appropriate for the standard and locale.

What we can offer:

  • Learning that is manageable and measurable
  • Resources, paper or digital, to allow practice of the learning
  • Appropriate sequences and alignment to established standards






Technology Implementation


Technology is here to stay, in the classroom, and is only going to change with time. How we expose learners to technology, and how we teach with it, will have an impact on their attitude toward it.

What we can offer:

    • Best use guides for the technology you have now
    • Suggestions for technology that works in other establishments and training for this
    • Ideas for how to use technology as part of your learning activities so that the tech becomes a support






Learning Plans


Each learner is a unique individual who learns in their own way. Sometimes what works for a class of learners does not work for an individual.

What we can offer:

  • Identification of any misconceptions standing in the way of progress
  • A sequence of individual steps, which are crucial to achieve success
  • Feedback on progress and next steps