Marking Work

As a former teacher, I often spent hours marking weekly and learners’ daily efforts to check my instruction and their understanding.  But, it’s one thing to mark something right or wrong, another thing to discover why something is right or wrong and a further thing to decide how to either improve, for the learner or the guide.

I felt any lesson I gave where learners were able to contribute to discussion a success.  More success was felt when learners were successful with the suggested practice.  This success continued to grow when: I found something I had not done wonderfully well this time but could do better, and knew how to do it better; I found something that learners could have done better and found a way to improve their understanding; the next steps were already planned; the next steps weren’t ideal but I know how to make them so.

Teaching and learning are not fixed and should never be thought so as such, ever!  Every plan can be better, all learning can be enhanced and so can instruction.

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