Returning to a Learning Environment

Holidays can be a godsend after a long year of work. Escaping the routine of coffee, breakfast, work, coffee, home, coffee, sleep can be an invigorating and sometimes necessary event. But when the holidays are complete, where do you start?

  • Your classroom is empty;
  • the walls are bare;
  • you have your class list and details from last year;
  • you have the curriculum guidance and a list of texts;
  • the staff room is stocked with coffee, never forget the coffee.

Do you start with the physical environment: make it engaging and bright, friendly and exciting? Do you start with the organisation of the learners: who is in what group; who will sit where; which books do you want? Do you start with the planning, ensuring that the first days back are full of engaging activities? Do you plan with another teacher? Do you plan with classroom assistants or visiting specialists? Do you reach out to parents before planning? Do you wait until the learners arrive and begin the year together?

So many questions, so little time?

On the 20th of August, I have the distinct pleasure of sharing ideas about the transition between break-time, the holiday, and learning. I will be co-hosting Microsoft Edu’s TweetMeet, with 15 other international educators. We look forward to discussing, with you, ideas about what we do when preparing for this new beginning with a new group of learners.

The format will be a question and answer session that you can follow on Twitter, with the hashtag #MSFTEduChat or #backtoshool. Drop by at 6pm BST, click the link to convert to your time zone, and jump in. The goal is to have a cooperative session where all answers can be read, shared and explored.

For more information, check out our Super Sway! For links about the resources some of the co-hosts use, check out our Super Wakelet. For other information from Microsoft, about this event, check out their Super Education Blog.

We would all love to have you because if you don’t show up and share, we won’t be able to learn from you. I know one of my favourite things to do in all the world is learn.

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